[CT-User] CT9.66 beta in the vault

Ken Wolff kwolff@ultranet.com
Wed, 8 Aug 2001 18:21:53 -0400

9.66 BETA

* Finally getting some traction on the SO2R problem. I'll write
  up to really explain it, but it's looking pretty good with the WX0B
  Thanks Jay, for letting me borrow it.

  There are two new text commands: ONRADIO and TWORADIO

  Use the ONRADIO command with SO2R Master in manual mode.
  Use the TWORADIO command with SO2R Master in automatic mode

  ALT-PERIOD is the make key combination to switch radios.

  Eventually it will have ALTRADIO, which will perform automatic CQ's on

  alternate radios.

  I won't explain here what switches under what conditions. Fool around
  and give me feedback in WAE. Let's get CT completely tuned up before
  fall contest season hits.

  WAE for both EU and non-EU is working again, although I haven't
  tested the QTC's over a network, which means they probably don't work
  I'm going to try to have it right by the start of WAE CW in two days,
  look for updated 9.66 in CTVAULT.