[CT-User] Win2000Pro

Michael Brown k9mi@home.com
Thu, 9 Aug 2001 12:13:15 -0500

Just for kicks I installed CT on my Win2k machine. One problem
was the clock runs behind in CT. Also, after about 45 fake q's
logged, it completely locked up. I would not plan on using CT
with Win2k unless you come up with a dualboot system, or some
of the guys were talking about using boot disks. The dual boot
will work. Don't know about the boot disk they talked about
as I haven't been down that road. But, I would say don't plan
on using CT with Win 2k, wheather you use any external devices
or not. My advice, if you don't want to modify your Win 2k is
to pick up maybe an old 486 or older Pentium just for logging
and install Dos 6.22 only on it. That's what I do with my P 120.

Mike K9MI

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From: "William B. Bridges" <w6fa@caltech.edu>
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Subject: [CT-User] Win2000Pro

> I'm not sure I followed the recent flurry of e-mail re: using CT with
> Win2000Pro.  I will soon change my operating system to Win2000Pro, and
> would like to continue using CT.  I am not a "power user" and have no COM
> port connections to my rig.  Can I continue to run CT in this fashion with
> the MSDOS emulation in Win2000Pro, or will it choke up?  I have simply run
> CT in the past with the MSDOS emulations in Win3.1, Win95, and Win98SE,
> without thinking about it.  Is there something new and different about
> Win2000Pro?  Has Bill Gates finally cracked down on MSDOS users?
> 73  Bill, W6FA
> w6fa@caltech.edu
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