[ct-user] network problems

Rick Dougherty NQ4I@compuserve.com
Wed, 15 Aug 2001 18:45:49 -0400

Ok network guru's...need some help here....about 2 weeks ago after some
lightning in the area...none of the computers would talk to each other on
the ethernet...when I ran the diagnostics on the cards...the ywill not pass
the cable test...every card was the same...so I got 4 new ones and swapped
into 4 of the computers..each passed the setup utility and were installed
in 4 computers...loaded up ct and sent one gab message and zoomoo they all
are gone too...what am i doing wrong?? now the 4 new cards fail the utility
setup test too.....all the computers seem to be working normally...at least
I can't detect any problems...this has me pulling out my hair and I can't
afford to lose much at this stage of the game...running ethernet with
K1TTT's nettsr program...has worked flawlessly past 3 years...thanks de
Rick nq4i