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Don Melcher Don Melcher" <don@hfradio.com
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 07:45:51 -0700

RICK - SHAME ON YOU - YOU DIDN'T TELL US that there were more computers than
the FOUR you originally changed the cards on!!!
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> Woke up at 0430 this morning and went ight to work on the network
> problem...back to basics...found the 15m and 10m computers when linked
> would communicate...ie the network cards were ok...just started adding in
> computers until I found that the cards in the 20m and 40m computers were
> toast too...they were part of the origional 6 cards that
> probably got some sort of lightning damage...just guessing it was induced
> somewhere...in any case all 6 of the origional cards are history...I had 4
> spares and they are installed and working...will get another batch (they
> are fairly cheap) and will have enough for spares for the next
> interesting to note is that any one computer with a bad card can pull the
> whole network down...the system is daisy chained with rg-72 coax and
> terminating resistors at the two ends...it has been one of the biggest
> improvements in our multi-multi environment in the past 5 years...having a
> dependable and reliable network with an internet connection via
> DX-telnet...thanks to all who offered advice...de Rick
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