[ct-user] re: cw sending bug

KEN SILVERMAN k2kw@prodigy.net
Sat, 1 Dec 2001 09:19:56 -0800

>when pressing + to log and qsl there is a delay before cw sending starts.
>would seem that the contact is being put in the log first then cw is


We had a problem down in Jamaica which I assume is the same - we used a
remapped "+ key" to send the F3 message and log the QSO.  The TU (F3)
message had a bad delay after hitting the (remapped) key, and really messed
up timing of the pileup.  This only occurred on a few machines, and if I'm
not mistaken, the pure DOS machines didn't have the problem (I didn't have
the problem on my pure DOS machine, and I was running 9.68.002).  We didn't
get into understanding the problem.  During the contest, people who had the
problem would just hit enter, and then press the F3 key.

Kenny K2KW