[ct-user] Fwd: Some reminders

ct-user-owner ct-user-owner@contesting.com
Mon, 03 Dec 2001 11:29:48 -0800

I will forward (without permission of course) this mail from n7wa, who states the obvious, but important list reminders that are applicable to this list:

>Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 10:25:20 -0800
>To: 3830@contesting.com
>From: mwdink@eskimo.com
>Subject: [3830] Some reminders
>When the number of bouncing posts regularly exceeds 
>the amount of non-bounce mail I receive - it's time
>for some reminders. 
>Issue 1:
>Many of our subscribers use forwarding type e-mail accounts.
>I have no problem with that. 
>However, please be aware that when the end (hidden) account
>becomes discombobulated ("inactive" for our non-english 
>readers) for some reason, I get stuck with your bouncing 
>mail and trying to figure out who you are based on what I 
>have. The excite@home mess over the weekend is a good 
>example. If you have a forwarding address that doesn't 
>provide me with clues as to who you are (like a call or 
>name) - I'm stuck with a fast filling inbox and NO way to 
>turn you off. Even with clues, it's hit or miss sometimes.
>So, if you have a forwarding account (like n7wa@arrl.net),
>you need to be proactive in managing your e-mail lists.
>I would be happy to help you update your account.
>Issue 2:
>While we are at it, during these very busy periods
>(4 major contests in the space of 5 weeks), check your
>inbox once in a while and empty it out. I have had
>to unsubscribe a number of overflowing accounts. You
>can also turn it off if you expect to be away.
>All in all, this is a great list with few problems. But
>you do need to maintain your account(s). 
>dink, n7wa