[ct-user] A caution

Mike Gilmer - N2MG n2mg@contesting.com
9 Dec 2001 06:49:31 -0800

I submitted my CW log on Dec 4 and a friend did so with a SSB log a few days earlier (Dec 2 or so).

At both times the robot responded with automatic emails.  Rumor has it the robot was already active and accepting logs right at the end of SS CW.

I know some changes were made to the robot recently so I imagine it has gone on- and off-line.

Mike N2MG

On Sat, 08 December 2001, Tom Frenaye wrote:

> At 04:38 PM 12/8/2001 -0800, Mike Gilmer - N2MG wrote:
> >No need to wait for the future, the robot currently informs those submitting logs if there was a problem.
> Not true for me, everything was not checked.   Maybe it's been fixed since I submitted my log.  I had an e-mail from a human (yesterday) checking on some logs that didn't seem to be right.

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