[ct-user] Problem with ct 9.67

James Davidson James Davidson" <ve3tpz@rac.ca
Sun, 9 Dec 2001 17:05:28 -0500

I was assisting another ham operator not on the CT user list install his
version 9.67 CT on his computer in preparation for the ARRL 10 MTR CONTEST
next weekend.

I setup a file for him to try and enter his contacts in and the very first
time he went to enter a contact it came up and out of band !1400000.

I thought for a moment we enter the wrong information so I set up another
file and tried again same thing happened again.

By accident I hit CTRL enter and it came up and Ask for the frequency so I
punch 28 in and hit enter

After that it came up and everything worked out fine.

Is this a new bug or was it something we enter wrong!!

James Davidson