[ct-user] No Score on SS Summary Ver 9.69

N7MAL n7mal@ctaz.com
Fri, 14 Dec 2001 20:53:33 -0000

Am I stupid or what? Who cares what the .SUM reports. You can't submit it
anyone, you can't import it anywhere, it's a totally meaningless/useless
file. The only file you should be concerned about for ARRL contests is the
Cabrillo file. Thankfully Ken has indicated he is removing all those files
so in the future we won't be bothered with them. I know I'm going to catch
heat for this but at some point we must all enter the 21st Century.

MAL               N7MAL

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Subject: [ct-user] No Score on SS Summary Ver 9.69

> I just upgraded to version 9.69 and wrote my wife's SS logs. The Summary
> (.SUM) sheet shows a score of zero (0) even though QSOs, QSO Points, and
> Section totals are all displayed.
> Anyone else see this on their upgrade?
> Brian KF2HC
> kf2hc@home.com
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