[ct-user] we need regression testing

Carl Herrera - WC4H wc4h@itis.net
Wed, 19 Dec 2001 19:50:11 -0500

WOW Jiri!  Because it's for OUR HOBBY you think it's NOT professional!!!!
Try using some other software for contesting.  On the contrary, CT is
TOTALLY PROFESSIONAL!!!!!   CT ** IS ** the standard for contest logging

Beta testing releases is VERY COMMON among the amateur software community.
I, along with a number of other hams, test most of Win-EQF releases prior to
Tom posting them on the web.  What it does is relieve the developer of
receiving the same report thousands of times (giving him more time to
develop the software) while giving the user a more polished product
(reducing the number of bug reports).

This is probably a good idea and Ken as well as the CT user community would
probably benefit from it.


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> Hi Ken,
> I do not think it is a good idea. As is visible hear, the whole crowd is
> more-less happy with your huge work, and if the people comes with bug
> reports, it is just great and the more people get your product - i.e.
> new version with bugs - of course the bigger chance they are going to be
> detected. It is not a professional software, it is just a piece of
> software for our hobby !!!!
> I just want to express my and I hope MOST of us on the CT-USER how
> highly we appreciate your work and you devotion.
> 73 !
> Jiri
> P.S. All the best seasons greatings.