[ct-user] re: ct 9.7 & ctwin 9.7

N7MAL n7mal@citlink.net
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 17:39:56 -0000

K1EP wrote: "Bad command or filename is a message from DOS usually when you
execute a file from the DOS prompt.  If you are using a batch file to run
CT, then one of the lines after you invoke CT is broken"
No batch files were involved. I typed Ct arrl10 from the command line.

WC4H wrote: "You might try creating a new log for a new contest with the CT
Win and see how it goes"
Why, if the startup screen on both versions is already broken the
probability of other problems is very high. (Would you buy a new car if the
doors were dented?)

WC4H wrote: "The DOS version does not run in a window if you have ME"
My 'ham-radio' computer only runs 98SE for that very reason. I also have
several other 'ham-radio' tools which are DOS based so I won't/can't go
beyond 98SE.

I appreciate all the inputs so far. Thanks guys.

MAL               N7MAL