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Ken Wolff kwolff@charter.net
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You don't need -enet for telnet. Just select TELNET as the TNC type. The
enet switch is for peer to peer CT networking over Ethernet instead of
via the com ports.

At the moment CT can connect to names or IP addresses such as K1TTT.NET
or It's not doing to well with special port numbers such
as or w8yy.resnet.mtu.edu:9000

- Ken

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OK, I finally down loaded the Windows version of CT. Now I have a few
questions.... Sorry, I have not followed the reflector... But maybe now
can  :-)

When you open CT with the -enet and open the packet window it asks for a
telnet site.
When I enter a known good node, I get "Could not open".  Am I missing

I was not able to move windows? Is that available in CTWin?

I know that the DVP is not supported, Is the W9XT Card supported?

TNX es 73 Will

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