[ct-user] DXPN & VHF Contest file merging

Carl Herrera - WC4H wc4h@itis.net
Sat, 22 Dec 2001 13:54:08 -0500

You can try exporting each bin log to an ADIF files then import them into
your favorite "non-contesting" logging sofware.  Just about all of the good
ones import and export ADIF.  I use Win-EQF and it does that just fine.


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Subject: [ct-user] DXPN & VHF Contest file merging

> When I was in Jamaica last month, I had (the not so bright idea) of
> to log my 6m QSOs in a BIN file set up for the VHF contest so I could log
> Grid Squares.  When the rate got
> going (which was often), most did not send their grid squares, so I had to
> enter a dummy grid square (I used AA00), since you MUST enter a grid
> in the VHF contest to log the QSO.  Well, after running at 150-200/hr on
> entering dummy grids got old fast.
> So I started another 6m BIN file set up as DXpedition logging (DXPN).  No
> problem mon (so I think).   In total, I ended up with 6 different BIN
> files...  some are VHF contest BINs, and some are DXPN BINs.  (yeah, I
> I know... usually I have only 1 BIN for my entire operation, but there
> other computer problems etc..)
> Now back at home,  I want to merge the BIN files, but I find that the two
> files cannot be properly merged.  Sure they "merge", but the band
> information gets messed up when the VHF log is converted to DXPN.  VHF
> contest files report Bands, such as "50", and DXPN reports the Frequency,
> such as "50110".  When you try and convert the VHF log to DXPN, it appears
> that the DXPN log interpolates the "50" band entry as 1800 (160m).
> Is there any logical way to merge these two different formats?  Or will
> be a long process of changing the VHF log to DXPN, and then going line by
> line to change the band to 6m?
> Thanks,
> Kenny K2KW
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