[ct-user] CT970

Bob Johnson rjohnson@tmlp.com
Sun, 23 Dec 2001 11:55:39 -0500

As has been stated here many times in the past, you need the data files not
cty files !!!

Go to K1EA.COM, then go to "Section Files" and download "ar10.dat" that will
solve your problem.

Also if you would please set your email client to just send plain text or
files, I'm sure others on the list would appreciate the bandwidth reduction.

Bob, K1VU

At 11:35 PM 12/22/01 , you wrote: 
> I updated to ct 970.002 after having the out of band problem.  In the
> meter contest it refused to log AK an HI contacts.  Today I downloaded Cct
> 970.004 and still it will not log AK or HI calls.  Then I tried downloading
> latest cty files.  Still no luck with HI or AK calls.  What do I do to fix
> this?
>    W8PG