[ct-user] CT for Windows

Ed K1EP k1ep@arrl.net
Mon, 24 Dec 2001 10:40:24 -0500

At 07:51 AM 12/24/01 -0700, Bruce Makas wrote:
>I haven't been keeping up too much with the list but recently have noticed a
>number of posts about CT for windows. I have several questions:
>1. Is in fact this a program that runs under windows and allows a telnet
>connection (without having to use a seperate computer)?

I believe that there is that option.  Although it runs under windows, it is still a character based program.

>2. I currently use the DOS based CT (running 9.67). Must I purchase the
>windows version or is the downloadable version in the CT vault runable?

Yes, it is available to registered users on the website for no additional charge.

>3. Other than the fact that it is running under windows, is there any
>noticable changes in the way the program operates (visable to the user)?
>Different commands, etc.

It doesn't support all the options, like serial port CW keying and the DVP.  The release notes explain all the differences.  It has the same look and feel as the DOS version.

>Thanks in advance,
>Bruce K7XZ
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