[ct-user] DVPs for sale

Don Melcher don@hfradio.com
Mon, 31 Dec 2001 12:32:28 -0800

About 3 months ago, I made a post about having 2 DVP boards for sale - and I
apoligise that I lost the e-mails from the interested parties.

I finally dug them out of storage - turns out I have 3 and an orginal
Harvard Software Kenwood Cable (could be rewired for others). One is a Rev B
with s/n 5xx and the others are Rev C boards with s/n 8xx & 1xxx. No
manuals - but that is available on the web - sold as is but guaranteed to
not be DOA - as far as I know they were working when taken out of service.

For sale to the highest bidder(s) -  offers accepted thru 1/15/02

Don Melcher