[ct-user] Radio Control Problem Possible Solution

VA3MW va3mw@rac.ca
Sun, 08 Jul 2001 08:43:52 -0400


Can you load a DOS terminal program like Xtalk or Procomm?  Can you see 
data coming from the radio?

You may also try 
http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/stories/info/0,10615,20596,00.html PortInfo 
and CTS Serial Port Utilities (I haven't tried this yet, but it may help)
>Are serial (com) port or modem installation and setup problems giving you 
>trouble? Trying to track down an interrupt (IRQ) or device conflict? Need 
>to know what modems are connected to which ports and at what speed? Does 
>your modem work with some applications but not all? PortInfo can help. 
>PortInfo and the CTS Serial Port Utilities, a diagnostic package devoted 
>exclusively to serial ports, identifies most-common port setup problems 
>with detailed messages describing the problem and the solution. These 
>utilities work on DOS, Windows 3.x, and Windows 95 operating systems.

This sounds like an IRQ problem that Windows can sort out, but DOS 
can't.  Also, are you using 9-25pin adapters?  Maybe you have an older 
Mouse one that doesn't map all the pins correctly.

What are the COMTSR settings you are using?  (IRQ, Base I/O address, baud 
rate).  Can you include them in your reply?
Can you get it to work with another computer and just plug it into your DOS 
box making sure that you use the same cables, adapters?
Are we sure that the radio is working fine?  (Sorry if you answered this 

We have to find out what parts are working so that we can eliminate them 
from the problem.  Please don't assume anything is correctly working or 
configured until we have proven it.

Please let us know more.  I'm sure we can figure this out.

Mike Walker VA3MW

>Thanks for all the responses!
>Here are a few more details and what I have tried:
>Running only Dos 6.22 with both computers
>Radios are in normal mode not mem mode
>Master CPU reset - did not fix
>Swapped com ports - same thing - computers could talk to each other through
>ALT G function but not to radios
>I can change bands via keyboard (computer responds) but radio does not
>respond.  Still get "Radio Timeout" message
>Any other things to try?
>Please advise & tnx.
>Bob KQ2M

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