[ct-user] Installing 9.64

Kenneth Blair kblair@sunflower.com
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 17:43:29 +0100

I downloaded v. 9.64 to upgrade from v.9.54.004 in order to get the
Cabrillo conversion for the IARU Contest, not realizing that my older
version did not convert to Cabrillo for the IARU contest.

I get the opening screen ok, and filled it out with call, name, address,
etc., but when I go to the next screen the following message appears:

CT: C:\CT964\SEC.DAT not found!

I checked and "sec.dat" is among the many files listed under my "CT"
program. So how do I get past the "error" message and complete the
installation of v. 9.64? Help will be appreciated.

Ken Blair KCGL

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