[ct-user] CT 9.64 Digiboard and IARU/WAE

Robert Shohet kq2m@mags.net
Sat, 21 Jul 2001 15:37:33 -0400

Hi Ken,

CT 9.64 does work with the Digiboard and the Expanded mult lists were nice
to have.

I experienced some weird stuff though and thought maybe you could shed some
light on it, as well as have some "wish list" requests for future CT

During the IARU contest, I noticed that the Zone map on both of the two 486
computers was wrong (they were running DOS only).  Things like Zone 8 was
showing as missing as some bands when it was clear that it was worked.
Other zones were missing too and the HQ list read something like this:

DA0HQ    ..**..
DA0HQ   .*.**.*
DA0HQ   ....*.
(omitting PA6HQ)


When I came upstairs after the contest and put the .bin file on the 586
(also running only DOS), BOTH the zone list and the HQ list was completely

All three computers were using 9.64  With all three computer using 9.53, all
three computers showed identical mult lists.
BTW, the 586 computer seems to count up the qsos's SLOWER than the 486
computers when using CT 9.64.

Any thoughts on what might be causing these aberrations?

"Wish list"

1) IARU Summary sheet for IARU that breaks down the CW q's and SSb q's for
each band.  (9.64 only aggregates the q's by band).
2) A command in CT that causes the FT1000MP SubVFO to automatically follow
and change bands/modes with the Main VFO.
3) A command in CT that allows you to set the CW subband (in FT1000MP) to
LSB OR USB, so that when you are operating Mixed Mode, CT will automatically
know which mode to select when you switch bands or frequencies within a
4) Newer versions of CT don't allow you to use the ALT N command BEFORE you
make your first qso in the log.  Can you change this so we can make notes
BEFORE the contest starts?

For WAE:

1) A command that allows you to "reallocate" QTC to another station.

For example you send 3 qtc to UB5ZZZ, but he only copies two and then goes
away.  So you need to resend the 3rd qtc to someone else for that qtc point.
Currently CT does not let you do this.  Once the qtc is gone, it is gone and
you lose that qtc.  Can you change this to allow changes to the qtc list,
the same way we can change the info on a qso with the ALF F command?

Please advise.  Tnx.

Bob KQ2M

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