[ct-user] Paddle input- Why?

Bill Tippett Bill Tippett <btippett@alum.mit.edu>
Fri, 01 Jun 2001 22:05:35 +0100

        Here is a reason I would like a separate keyer.  Maybe it
is due to my aging 486-33, but when the log begins to get fairly large,
the SAVELOG function interrupts everything for several seconds (~10 seconds
for a 1600 QSO log I just tried).  I quit using AUTOSAVE because I forget
I'm using it and then the computer locks me out until it finishes saving.
If  it's 01:59:59, and K1** comes on your frequency, he'll probably claim
it by the time your computer lets you send again!  :-))  At the very least, 
it really interrupts my rhythm when I've got a good run going.

                                                73,  Bill  W4ZV

P.S.  If this is unique to my computer and otherwise not a problem, I
would love to know that!

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