[ct-user] Paddle input- Why?

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Fri, 01 Jun 2001 17:38:27 -0700

An interesting point, Bill..  However....  with the general reliability of
hard disks, it seems to me that a manual savelog when YOU want it is the
best way to handle the matter... we did that on all the XZ trips with
pretty large logs..  in some cases approaching max size for a floppy - and
it worked fine..

Please, folks, bear in mind that nothing will FORCE you to throw away your
keyer, or even disconnect it...  if you don't want to use the paddle
function that Ken is thinking about,  just don't ...

What I have found is that there is an ENORMOUS amount of "stir" of
keyers/paddles and interconnect devices on a DXpedition - and still some
but less so in a MM environment.....  most operations have to share the
function of a radio between a number of different operators, bands and

Unfortunately, Yaesu and others simply refuse to see the need for a keyer
and non keyer input on a radio, even when they provide two jacks...  What
we end up with is a number of custom made CT interface cables with
connectors hanging to plug a keyer into...  while that specific part wont
really change, the ability to simply plug in your paddles and GO makes
things a LOT easier and MUCH more consistent ( A very important factor on a
DXpedition)... and many fast run folks will appreciate being able to halt
CT generated sending by hitting the paddles...  typically you can just
start sending and it will make sense....

I guess the bottom line is Why Not??  Having the internal keyer capability
makes things simpler and easier in a number of situations, especially where
it is not your permanent station you can hook up any way you want to.. and
where stray RF may be an issue, etc...  in any case,  it will help a number
of us, and help to make up for some manufacturers stubbornness.  If you
don't want it, don't use it!

I would have to say from all the discussion that this has generated that
being able to plug paddles into CT is of considerable interest compared to
most of the other items on Kens published list....  I am NOT suggesting
that those items are not important, just that the paddles item generated a
LOT of immediate interest

Robin Critchell, 

At 10:05 PM 6/1/01 +0100, Bill Tippett wrote:
>        Here is a reason I would like a separate keyer.  Maybe it
>is due to my aging 486-33, but when the log begins to get fairly large,
>the SAVELOG function interrupts everything for several seconds (~10 seconds
>for a 1600 QSO log I just tried).  I quit using AUTOSAVE because I forget
>I'm using it and then the computer locks me out until it finishes saving.
>If  it's 01:59:59, and K1** comes on your frequency, he'll probably claim
>it by the time your computer lets you send again!  :-))  At the very least, 
>it really interrupts my rhythm when I've got a good run going.
>                                                73,  Bill  W4ZV
>P.S.  If this is unique to my computer and otherwise not a problem, I
>would love to know that!
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