[ct-user] CT9.62

Ken Wolff Ken Wolff" <kwolff@ultranet.com
Thu, 7 Jun 2001 17:35:20 -0400

CT9.62 is in the vault:

* Changed VHF contests to represent frequencies in 100 Hz steps.
  This prevents overflow of a 32 unsigned integer.

* QSO's are now possible on 10gHz

* Changed directory search order .DAT files to look in

   1.The directory containing the .bin file.
   2.The directory pointed to by the CTPATH environment variable.
   3.The directory containing the executable. 

   For example, if your current working directory is: C:\HOME
   you could type the line: D:\CT\CT.EXE D:\CT\LOGS\CQWW\CQCW99.BIN

	If there is a CTY.DAT in D:\CT\LOGS\CQWW\CQCW99.BIN, CT will use that

* There is a good change that the above change fixed the DVP crash with
  a ramdrive setup. I did not t_e_s_t this.

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