[ct-user] CT9.63 beta needs user testing

Ken Wolff Ken Wolff" <kwolff@ultranet.com
Sat, 9 Jun 2001 10:22:44 -0400

I have placed CT9.63.001 beta in the vault. I really needs testing on a
variety of radios and setups, which I don't have. If you have an extra half
hour , please download and check it out for me. Let me know if funny things
happen with packet, or split operation, as well as all the bands.

Thanks - Ken


* FD requires RST and QTH from DX stations. CT now loads CTY.DAT and will
  accept any exchange from DX. (tnx K2BA)

* removed the microwave bands from the frequency display (ALT-J) because
  too large to fit in a 32 bit integer

* added the concept of "supported bands" to radio code. CT will now control
  supported bands for particular radio. After a QSY to an  "unsupported
  CT ignores the radio and act's like there is no radio. QSY to a supported
  band, and the radio comes alive again.

  For the moment, all radios are set to the standard bands (160 through 10,
  WARC). I will be adding band sets for particular radios (VHF and WARC)

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