[ct-user] CT and Field Day?

Geovincent@aol.com Geovincent@aol.com
Mon, 18 Jun 2001 19:23:02 EDT

I am setting up for a club station participation in FD 2001 and have some 
questions. We will not be networking our computers. Each will stand alone.
1. We will be operating 4A. When setting up each station log is participation 
as a MM or should each station specify that band on which it will be 
operating? This would be OK for the 20m SSB station, but not for a station 
that will be operating on one band during the day and another at night.
2. Does each station claim all the bonus points?
3. Can all the logs be combined from individual backup disks at the end of 
the day?

TNX es 73,
George K3GV

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