[ct-user] ?CT & IC706IIG still not talking

Tony Tony <ad6id@arrl.net>
Wed, 20 Jun 2001 17:57:43 -0700

Hello yet again,

   I am running CT963 under DOS on a Toshiba Portege 7100 with the CI-V connection on COM1. I cannot get any communication using CT running under DOS. I t_e_s_t comm by typing a frequency at the CT prompt and by switching bands on the rig. The error from CT963 is _still_ "radio not echoing". 

However, I verified the port and the radio settings using TRX-Manager 3 running under Win98. Both directions work - the computer to rig, rig to computer.

Here are the IC706IIG settings:
34 CI-V Address  04H  (IC735)              also tried 26H for 781
35 CI-V Baud     Auto                      also tried 4800
36 CI-V TRN      On   (broadcast)
37 CI-V 731      ON   (4 byte freq data)   also tried Off (5byte)

Here's the ct.bat file I'm using:

font SS
comtsr1 -P1 -B4800 -N81
ct -d %1 %2 %3 %4 %5
comtsr1 -u
font O

CT also calls out RADIO1 as COM1 4800. 

I find nothing in the Icom manual for parity/startstop bits so I have them set for no parity, 4800 baud, 1 stop bit. I also tried 2 stop bits.

What arcane piece of the puzzle am I missing?

Thanks,  Tony

Tony Armendariz, AD6ID

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