[ct-user] Can't key the FT 817

Jim Pyle Jim Pyle <jwp@eltechsystems.com>
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 07:36:44 -0400

I decided to do a limited Field Day using my FT 817.  For some reason my
laptop computer (running CT ver 9.63) would not key the radio.  I switched
to DX4WIN on the same computer and all worked perfectly.  I just had to
create a special report to output the data.  The computer was running in DOS
mode under Win 98.  The cable is obviously OK as it worked for this
application and I have used it with my FT 900 successfully many times.  Not
that it's related, but I had selected the FT 847 radio setting, which is
used to control the FT 817, and the radio control also worked perfectly.
Does anyone have comments or suggestions to overcome this problem?


Jim, AA8OY 

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