[ct-user] SO2R

Charles Fulp Charles Fulp" <k3ww@fast.net
Thu, 1 Mar 2001 00:08:01 -0000

After years of pretending to be a Multi Op with 2 computers, I am going to
try to run with
just one keyboard, and use the second computer for backup/emergencies.

I am not up to speed on SO2R, and find little in the manual.
Set up now switches everything when I hit the  " . " key.  Radio 1 gets the
microphone, and the
Band map and the log entry position, then I hit  .  and go to Radio 2 with

Is there a way to enter info for radio 2 while transmitting on radio 1.  I
can type a call and see
that I need it on the other band, but when I switch the call is gone.  Just
want to check to see
if I have missed something over the years.

Any other tips on SO2R with CT?
A hint as to where in the archives such info might be would be appreciated.

73 Chas K3WW

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