[ct-user] CT 7.54.004 & SO Assisted Setup

Bob Johnson Bob Johnson <rjohnson@ici.net>
Fri, 02 Mar 2001 17:17:06 -0500

Ken partialy fixed the SOA catagory problem with CT957.004 !!!

With the current version of of CT, you have to select "Single Operator
Unlimited" when you setup the contest, then when you do a "Writelog" the
Cabrillo file will be "SO Assisted".

This may explain why a number of CT users end up filing as SO (unassisted)
you can watch then sending and receiving on the Cluster and should.
be filing as SO Assisted !!!

The confusion may be due to the fact that they know they are not operating in
the "SO UNLIMITED" class so they pick SO Catagory.

Of course there is the possibility that they are just plain cheating !!!

Maybe Ken can fix this in the next release of CT.

See you in the pileups !!!

73 Bob
WA1OFR - FN42ma

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