[ct-user] CT to FT920 Interface problem

David Gemmell - VK4ZEK David Gemmell - VK4ZEK" <davidgem@optusnet.com.au
Tue, 6 Mar 2001 09:56:55 +1000

Hello All,

Further to my FT920 / CT mode switching problem 
where CT can change modes on the FT920,
but changing modes on the FT920 does not change CT...

Careful reading of the manual and sniffing the data
with CTL RS232 Tapper shows the situation is normal.

Sad .... But normal.
Incorrect - But normal.

The FT920 mode can be remotely set from CT (or whatever).

CT sends 2 requests for data -
("Status Update" and "Read Status Flags")
Neither data blocks report any details of what 
MODE the FT920 is running under.
(  Yaesu - Plase note :-)   )

When using an FT920, change bands and modes VIA CT, 
otherwise you'll get caught with a log with some wrong-mode QSO's.


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