[ct-user] Re: Radio Overrun Com1

Ed K1EP Ed K1EP <k1ep@arrl.net>
Tue, 06 Mar 2001 06:03:37 -0500

At 19:58 3/5/2001 -0600, C Logan Dietz wrote:
>>I am having trouble getting CT 9.57.004 to communicate with an Icom
>>756pro or a 775dsp.  When I turn it all on with the radio on 10 meters,
>>CT starts out on 20 meters. If I enter a 10 meter freq into CT I get a
>>"Radio Not Echoing" message then, if I turn the radio tuning dial, I >get
>>a "Radio Overrun Com1" message and CT jumps back to 20 meters...
>>It worked ok yesterday, What gives?
>As a follow up...  I finally changed the baud rate to 1200 and
>everything worked ok.  Since I had the problem with 2 different radios,
>does this mean my serial ports are not set up for 19,200 baud rate?

Could be.  Fast is not always better.  This weekend, we were using a 756PRO on 10M at K1TTT.  There was a strange phenomenon happening.  When you turned the dial, the frequency display in the band map would change, but it would lag the radio by seconds, taking time to "catch up".  This was annoying during S&P as you would need a few seconds to allow the band map to settle down.  The radio was running at 9600.  I changed the rate down to 1200 and the problem was solved.  The computer kept up with the radio.  Since the computer was slow (386sx) it couldn't handle getting updates from the radio that fast, as well as handle all the other functions in a M/M.  Slowing the rate to 1200 probably meant that the radio didn't send out frequency updates quite as fast.  It was plenty fast for the band map to function normally, but not too fast as to bog down the computer with 10Hz updates.

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