[ct-user] Super Check Partial Window

Mike Gilmer - N2MG Mike Gilmer - N2MG <n2mg@contesting.com>
8 Mar 2001 06:24:16 -0800

I've noticed two things about the SCP window whenever there is a large quantity of matches.  I offer two wishes for the wish list which I will post on the bugs page unless other users say I'm all wet!

1. If there are more calls matching your log entry than the SCP window can hold (say you type in G3), the window displays the *last* several dozen matching calls in the "found" list, where I would expect to see the *first* few dozen.  Not a big deal - most of the time I have more of the call so there are fewer matches, but it's more natural, IMO, to believe there are more matching calls AFTER the last one displayed, then more BEFORE the first one.

2. If you have already worked several calls matching the "G3" (say G3BUO, G3ZZZ), it would be good if they appeared at the start of the list (in the requisite different color/bold) rather than scattered through the list (and potentially NOT even in the display.)  In his example, the G3BUO would have been out of the window.

I expect the last wish to require more horsepower so it probably ought to be a user-selectable option.

Anyone see a problem?

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