[ct-user] multi-two transmitter identification?

Jim Pratt Jim Pratt" <n6ig@hotmail.com
Sat, 10 Mar 2001 02:35:44 -0000

I haven't seen this mentioned so perhaps I am doing something incorrectly, 

ARRL rules for multi-two in the DX contest state:

4.9. Multioperator Two Transmitter category entries must indicate which 
transmitter makes each QSO in the log file.

I am using CT version 9.57.004 and as far as I can detect in the 
(callsign).txt file there is no indication of which transmitter made the 
QSO.  In the .log file there is the usual "0" or "1" in the far-righthand 

Has this rule been waived for Cabrillo entries like the on/off time 
indication, am I doing something wrong, or is CT broken?

73, Jim  N6IG
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