[ct-user] icom 746

Mike Walker Mike Walker <va3mw@rac.ca>
Sun, 11 Mar 2001 07:58:09 -0500

I'm going to have to write an FAQ on serial ports!   :-)


A number of items you don't state that we need to know:

Do the base address's and IRQ's match with the ComtsrX
Are you using NETTSR which uses com 4
Can you talk to the radio with a DOS based communications program like 
Telix or Procom?
Do the baud rate's match with each radio and com port
Do you have all the comstr's loaded for each port.
Are you running this on top of Windows, or are you loading DOS at bootup?

Let us know... Mike VA3MW

At 07:34 AM 3/11/2001, Donald Eklund wrote:

>I am using version 9.47 with the TNC on com 3 and the radio on com 4. I can
>not get the software to talk to the radio.  The radio and software work
>great when the radio was on Com 5 and the Icom software works with com 4 and
>com 5.  The reason I changed to com 4 is another piece of software with only
>work  with com 1 thru 4.  I have changed the setting in the software to show
>the radio on Com 4, but they will not talk.
>Do anyone have any ideas?
>73, and thanks,
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