[ct-user] Re: WPX -M/S Timer

Thu, 15 Mar 2001 10:55:12 -0800

> Also in regard to serial number "assignment", as to
> which station (run or multi) grabs the serial number
> first, I assume its a race !

Unless I am missing something, the only way to properly implement a MULT
station under the rules is to "reserve" serial numbers on each station.  The
current system simply counts logged QSOs after the ENTER key is hit.  But
when there are two stations using one sequence of serial numbers, the only
way to avoid sending the same serial number is to reserve or hold a serial
number for each station.  Otherwise the potential for both stations sending
the same serial number is very high (especially at the beginning when the
MULT station can be S&Ping at a VERY fast rate).  It's very easy for both
the RUN and MULT station to get in synch
often enough that both will send "599 1234".  When this occurs, the first
station to hit return logs the correct serial number.  The other station
logs QSO 1235, which is incorrect and will result in a busted call for the
other station.

It seems to me that the software should reserve a serial number when a call
is entered in the logging line.  Actually, the number should be reserved on
the first letter entered.  I suspect there will be times when a call is
entered and then wiped (when in the search and pounce mode), which may
result in a lot of "burned" serial numbers.  That would probably psych out
the other M/S entrants towards the latter part of the contest...

There has to be a reasonable balance in the implementation...  at least so
what is sent by either station is what is logged.  Let's hope it's not to
hard to find a balance of accuracy vs. realistic implementation.

Kenny K2KW

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