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Sun, 18 Mar 2001 13:57:50 -0300

Hello James:
I comment you that I am user of the software CT, since for me it is one of
the best softwares for international contests.
I habitually use two radio equipaments, a Yaesu FT-890AT and a Yaesu FT-840.
To both equipaments I control them with the so much CT for the change of
bands, I eat likewise to change Radio 1 (FT-890AT) to Radio 2 (FT-840).
For the change of antennas I use the Band Data Output of my radio
equipaments, that which allows me to have connected the corresponding
antenna according to the band that is using in each radio equipament in that
moment. It would be interesting also to be able to control the antennas with
the same CT, it is for that reason my interest for their prototype.
Another of the accessories that I control with the CT is my MFJ-434 (Voice
Keyer) with the keys F1 at F4 from the port LPT-2 of my computer.
That is my experience with regard to the handling of the CT, and I look
forward to the results of the tests of their prototype.
>From already thank you.

Néstor Didonato
Miembro del
Córdoba - Argentina

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