[ct-user] ADIF Conversion

Russell Chandler Russell Chandler" <rhchan@facstaff.wm.edu
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 11:15:24 -0500

I tried to convert the .BIN File created by CT
to an ADIF format so I could import into Hyperlog.
This process has been unsuccessful.

  I keep getting the following error message:

  Convert CT Logs To ADIF  --  Version 3.09
  Jim Reisert,  AD1C - Oct 01, 2000  13:55:34
  Could Not Open Input File:  WPX2001

WPX2001 is the result of WriteLog for the WPX Contest
Using CT Version 9.53  --

But, when I used the older C2A ver. 3.02 the
conversion to the ADIF format was successful.

       Russ / KU4FP

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