[ct-user] CTWIN 9.63 Moving Screens...

Harold C. Miller kb1zq5@swbell.net
Wed, 31 Oct 2001 22:20:32 -0600

I understand that CTWIN 9.63 is a Beta version... But are the windows / 
screens supposed to be able to be moved around with the mouse? I used it in 
the CQWW Phone and it worked well IC-746 control (set it up as a IC-775) 
and Rotor E-Z in a Ham IV rotor. But had to configure DOS version 9.58 and 
copy the Bin file over to get the windows / Screens where I wanted them. Am 
getting everything set up to work the ARRL Sweepstakes and am curious if 
this is a problem or do I have a bug.

I am running a 500Mhz AMD K6(2), 128Mb RAM, 20 GB Hard drive and Windows 

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Hal Miller, KB1ZQ
Del City, OK