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Gary Yantis gyantis@midtec.com
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I think what Jim is talking about is the "CT Operating aid" available for download from my Web site on page www.w0tm.com/w0tmoper.htm.  Hope it is of help to you.

Gary, WTM
Please visit my Web site www.w0tm.com for pictures of my station and the beautiful mountains of Colorado.  Also, see the WTM station on the February page of the new CQ magazine calendar for 2002.

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>Also it would be nice if some one could do a new "HELP" screen with
>current commands for us.

There is a help file on the web site.  Some midwestern station developed 
the format.  There are 24- and 50-line versions.  Look in the Support Files 
-> CT9 area.

- Jim

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