[ct-user] SO2R woes

Don Melcher don@hfradio.com
Fri, 9 Nov 2001 08:18:57 -0800

Unless you have a board that supports it, and I think special drivers, you
can use the same IRQ on both ports.


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I am having problems getting CT to manage two radios. The radios are an
FT1000 and an FT1000MP. I am using version 9.67 of CT. The TSR's are
loaded via a ".bat" file. The MP is controlled via Com 1 and the FT1000
via Com 3. The ".bat" file therefore contains the lines:-

                   comtsr1 -p1 -b4800 -n82 -i5
                   comtsr3 -p3 -b4800 -n82 -i5

for, as far as I can tell, both radios operate in the same fashion under
computer control. The program allows me to set the band on either radio,
but only reads the frequency of the FT1000. That is, it does not
recognize band changes made at the radio on the MP. This holds whether I
designate the MP to be radio 1 or radio 2 when setting up.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
                                                           John Evans,
N3HBX, jvevans@his.com.

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