[ct-user] 9.67 network bug

David Robbins k1ttt@arrl.net
Sat, 10 Nov 2001 14:00:26 +0000

this may be related to the mode change bug i also noticed.  on the ft-1000mp,
ts-870, and ts-940 if i put the radio in cw when the contest is ssb ct seems to
accept the mode change and starts logging 599 (very weird, on the NEXT qso) and
giving other computers 'bad mode from remote input=1' errors.  often when this
happens the unentered qso on the other machines dissappears... but not always,
and not on all machines.  this does not seem to happen with the ft-1000.  when
switching back to ssb the next qso goes out with a 599 report, but logs on other
machines as the correct mode, then the report updates to the proper 59 for
following qso's.

i was also able to get one ft-1000mp station confused when grabbing spots and
even though the contest was set for ssb it started putting the radio in cw mode,
thus causing the dissappearing qso's on other machines.  it would seem that for
single mode contests ct is not restricting mode changes any more and in some
cases is getting confused in logging.

there also seems to be differences with the error message on different machines,
some of them seem to stay there till f11 clears the line, on others its only a
flash and gone.

another weird thing noticed while playing with this is that passes show up with
the wrong band name.  a pass from 10m (station 2) shows up as 'pass from 80'
which is station 1.  a pass from 80m (station 1) shows up as 'pass from all'. 
it seems that in the pass message the station number is misinterpretted when
looking up the name.

David Robbins wrote:
> i haven't figured out the exact sequence yet, but within 100 qso's on only 3
> machines i was able to get the bug to repeat that causes what you have typed in
> but haven't logged yet to dissappear.  hasn't anyone else seen this one yet??
> it existed in 9.64 and caused me to regress back to a known stable 9.27 in cqww
> ssb, i don't want to end up having to do the same in cw.

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