[ct-user] CT with Windows XP, NT or Win2000

Brian McGinness n3oc@wirelessinc.com
Sat, 10 Nov 2001 16:04:28 +0000

Not sure about other DOS programs, but CT did run flawlessly with
Windows ME booted to a command prompt, with DOS network card enabler,
DOS packet driver, the NETTSR, and rig control on COM1.

The only hassle with ME and CT is getting it to the command prompt.
They kind of took that out...  If you make the boot floppy and select
"minimal boot" you're in business.  I think you could also modify the
msdos.sys and make bootgui=0 but I am not sure if that works in ME.
In any event, it only takes a moment select minimal boot from the
startup floppy.

My laptop in this configuration ran 48 hours without a glitch.

Win98 is easier to get to a command prompt, but ME does work with CT!

73, Brian N3OC

At 09:49 11/10/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>Unless you're ready to abandon all DOS programs, go with Win98SE.
>WinMe is a very poor version of Win98 and is not compatible with many low
>level functions of more sophisticated network programs.
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>Subject: [ct-user] CT with Windows XP, NT or Win2000
>> I'm going to have to wipe the hard disk and reinstall the OS on my Win98
>> machine due to multiple broken applications (been running it for 3 yrs
>> I'm debating which OS to reinstall - Win98, Me, or XP. Has anyone
>> successfully run CT under one of the 32-bit windows versions - NT, Win2k,
>> XP? I'm particularly interested in how well the CW and voice keyer
>> worked - I've never done any networking and probably won't. If it won't
>> directly, what tweaks (e.g. device drivers) need to be installed and where
>> can they be gotten?
>> I guess I could always set up a separate DOS partition, but since I'd like
>> to be able to get access to internet clusters during contests, it would be
>> better if there's a way to run it in a window under XP.
>> I'd appreciate any thoughts from the assembled multitude. See you all in
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