[ct-user] Master.DTA selection?

Sun, 11 Nov 2001 13:46:04 -0000

I don't think there is a way to select a DTA file within the program.
What I do is set up a master directory. I call it CTFILES. Within this
directory I have subdirectories for each contest I enter. For example CQ
World Wide Pone as CQWWPH.DIR. In this subdirectory I have two files which
are CT.CFG which has all the setup information for this contest and
AA2MF.BIN which is setup to show the computer screen the way I like it.
Each other contest has its own subdirectory and files as well. Before a
contest I copy the correct contest files to the CT.DIR overwriting the files
that are there. What you might consider doing is put the master.DTA file or
any other file you need to change in the selected contest subdirectory. When
the time comes simply overwrite these files as will.

Rich AA2MF

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Subject: [ct-user] Master.DTA selection?

> Is there a way to choose which super check partial database is used (via
> software selection), rather than requiring you to rename each file as
> master.dta?  I always get my databases mixed up since I can't remember
> contest I used it last (which would dictate the database I used).
> It would be really helpful on DXpeditions to quickly select which
> is used... for pre/post contest running, I might want the "all" database
> with both DX/USA calls in it.  But when 2359 rolls around before the
> I might only want to use the "USA-only" database if we happen to be in the
> ARRL DX Contest.
> Should be really easy to select the databases of masall, masterdx,
> masusve etc...
> Thanks, Kenny K2KW
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