[ct-user] half my QSOs need the time shifted 12 hours

Peter pb0aiu@pi4cc.nl
Mon, 12 Nov 2001 17:43:10 +0100

Copy the binfile to 2 other files e.g. good.bin and

Make a ascii log. b2r9 good + b2r9 bad

Edit good.res (remove the bad lines)
Edit bad.res (remove the good lines)

r2b9 good
r2b9 bad

ct-time bad

merge good + bad

Thats it!

Make sure to keep a save place for the orginal log

Good luck


Fritz Reuning wrote:

> Hi all,
> In the middle of SS I thought it was a good idea to correct my computer
> time that was off a few seconds.  For some unknown reason I put the hour in
> as 01 rather than 13.  I didn't discover my mistake until after the
> contest.  I know that ct_time.exe utility shifts ALL QSOs by a certain
> amount, but my problem is half of the QSOs are correct, while the other
> half need shifting.  Any ideas on how to fix my problem would be greatly
> appreciated.  I have about 400 QSOs that need fixing, so fixing each QSO
> individually isn't the answer I'm looking for.
> In anticipation that there isn't an easy way to fix my problem, does anyone
> know who wrote the ct_time.exe fix-it program?  I'd like to offer an
> enhancement idea for this nifty program.
> 73, Fritz K4OAQ
> k4oaq@chartertn.net
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