[ct-user] FT990 CW problem w/rig control

AA4NC@aol.com AA4NC@aol.com
Wed, 14 Nov 2001 16:42:48 EST

Setup: Using Yaesu FT990 with CT and COM port rig control thru FIF232, CW sent from LPT port, Pentium 133

I'm having a problem with "distorted" CW characters (usually a dit becomes too long and sounds like a dash) if the character coincides with the CAT poll on the radio. It seems as though the computer can't poll the radio and send code at the same time. I don't remember having a problem like this before, and I have no problem with the same setup using an FT1000MP. I've eliminated RF as the problem, as it occurs at QRP level as well as QRO.

Any ideas much appreciated...


Will AA4NC aka W4MR