[ct-user] DVP Problems in 9.67

Vernon Lippert vlippert@smig.net
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 20:06:37 -0600


Final got around to trying the F5 and you are correct it does not work in
9.67.  At the same time found that the DVP command does not work in 9.67.  I
had to go back to 9.61 before things would work properly.

I have never used the F5 command before with the DVP so had to set things up
first and that's when I found I had to go to an older version.

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    Just tried v9.67 and everything appears to be working fine with the DVP
again.  Was reluctant to use this version during CQWW as during my initial
set-up had some funny things happen so went back to an older version that I
trusted.  This time everything went okay. Must have hit a wrong key the time


  Does the F5 "send call" function work.
  If you enter the DVP command, can you record and edit files?
  I could not get them to work with 9.67, but used 9.65 in CQWW Ok.
  Jim, AA6JJ