[ct-user] CT networkong challenge

Ciprian Sufitchi ciprians@fx.ro
Sun, 18 Nov 2001 22:16:55 +0200

I have two computers (A and B) running CT, network connected by a TNC link (transparent connection, 1200 b/s etc).
Computer A has no internet access to any DX Cluster.
Computer B has access to the local area packet network, which includes an internet gateway. So computer B may connect via TNC to DX Cluster, giving to node A useful DX informations.
The radio link beween A and B shares the same VHF frequency as local area packet nework uses.

Since computer B has only 2 COMs and COM1 is used for nework (TNC) link to computer A, and COM2 is used for HF radio control (Icom), how to give to computer A and B access to DX Cluster?
There is no other VHF radio available, no other TNC, no other COM.
	- Any TNC can perform multiple connections and 
	- CT Network and Internet packet gateway uses the same frequency.

I really need to find a reasonable solution to access DX Cluster using only one TNC in B site (keeping network via the same TNC).

Any solution welcome.


73s de Ciprian YO3FWC