[ct-user] CT with Ten Tec Omni VI+?

John Scott jascott@ix.netcom.com
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 11:13:00 -0500

I encountered this problem last year and reported on it in this reflector.
The factory advises using 2400BPS for the data speed.  They believe in
talking between CT and the radio, the first few bits are getting lost.  I
made the recommended change, and have had no problems whatsoever with my
Omni VI+ working with CT (Version 9.53).  When changing frequencies,
however, use the band buttons on the radio rather than ALT-F1 (or whatever
one uses).   You want the radio to tell CT to change bands, not vice versa.

Unless you are a super speedy operator, you'll find a data rate of 2400
bits/second is far faster than you can operate.

  --John Scott,   K8YC

Larry Johnson wrote:

> I'm trying to use CT V9 (got the latest version off the web site just
> before CQWW Phone) with my TenTec Omni VI+, and not having much success.
> In an older version, I can get it to either read my frequency from the
> radio, or to be able to key in the frequency in the Callsign field in
> CT, but not at the same time. Depending on the Omni VI option menu
> choices, one works but not both. I've tried a new computer (three of
> them) and now I can't seem to get them to work at all with the Omni VI.
> I've tried telling CT that I'm using an ICOM 735 (and using my CT-17 to
> the Omni SPORT interface Jack), I've made up the 3-conductor (only)
> serial cable to go to the DB-25 on the Omni, I've tried Windows
> (rebooted to DOS) and older DOS-only PC's, and still no go. The main
> competition Contest Logging program to CT works great with this radio,
> with either interface, and all features seem to work properly. I hoped
> to get it going before the CQWW CW, but doesn't look promising. Any
> suggestions from you TenTec Omni VI+ users?
> 73,
> Larry Johnson K7LJ
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