[ct-user] FT1000(not D or MP) rig interface problem

kb3aug@juno.com kb3aug@juno.com
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 14:33:01 -0500

Pete, When you loaded the comtsr I did not see where you loaded the -I
for IRQ number. Did you forget to do that? Mine is comtsr1 -b4800 -n82

73, Bill KV3R

On Mon, 19 Nov 2001 10:40:52 -0500 Pete Soper <psoper@pjs.East.Sun.COM>
> In a guest op setting recently I put my CT 9.65 on the station 
> computer, set up
> a comtsr -n82 -b4800 and could not get CT to read the rig info. I 
> could
> switch frequencies but nothing valid seemed to be coming back. 
> Attempts to
> switch bands with function keys caused a moment change, then 
> reversion to the
> original band (I guess CT checks for something coming back and 
> decided to 
> undo the command if it isn't forthcoming). 
> The DOS environment for both TR and CT appeared to be identical. I 
> hauled my
> DOS CT system from home but no luck. I tried CT 9.57: no change. I 
> did a lot
> of downright superstitious changes and experiments and got the 
> expected results.
> The interface is a W1GEE model and between it and the computer's DB9 
> serial
> connector there was  receive/xmit data, ground, and "that signal 
> that is on 
> pin 20 on a DB25 computer serial port (DSR or DTR, I can never keep 
> them 
> straight)". 
> Any clues?
> Regards,
> Pete AD4L
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