[ct-user] FT1000(not D or MP) rig interface problem

Pete Soper psoper@pjs.East.Sun.COM
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 15:15:53 -0500

I tried two alternate computers, all the comtsr options (including the
flow control ones, interrupt, expected vs 'we know this is just flat
wrong' character structure options, etc), all the setup settings,
fresh boots vs prior use of TR and a bunch of things I can't recall
now. It didn't occur to me to try specifying CQWW vs SS but I fiddled
with everything else that could be manipulated whether I felt it was
relevant or not.

I should have mentioned that the other alternate computer (Dell Inspiron
3800 running W98 in DOS mode) was unable to either send to or receive 
from the rig (and the cabling was identical to what was used with the
host's DOS box). Because I was changing two big variables at once
I didn't attach much importance but maybe it's a hint.

Pete AD4L

(PS I also apologize for the Mailman noise. It's trivial to configure
multiple subscription addresses and suppress msgs to all but one, I
just took somebody else's word that it is not supported. Thanks to
Jim Reisert for the first "Doh!" moment of the week :-)