[ct-user] CT Default Bin File

Sat, 24 Nov 2001 16:52:58 -0000

The way I do it is simple.
For each contest I enter into I have a directory set up in that name. Within
these directories I have two files. The BIN file kept as AA2MF.BIN which has
the screen layout. The CFG file kept as CT.CFG which has my user information
and the information needed for this contest. If you want to change your
MASTER.DTA or CTY.DAT file with the contest simply keep them in the selected
contest directory. When you decide to set your CT program up for the contest
just copy all the files from the selected contest directory to the CT
directory over writing the old files.
Rich AA2MF
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> Good evening to all,
> A short time ago there was a message about creating a default bin file for
> CT and using this as the initial file and then changing the name and
> type.  I thought I saved the message as a file and didn't.  If you have
> information available could you please send it to me.  This will be
> appreciated.
> Thank you and 73,
> Paul C. Bolduc
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